The Concentrates

Ginger and Yuzu by Alain Milliat

Two Concentrates with unique personalities

Inspired by the desire to bring people together with drinks made from natural ingredients, Alain Milliat has created a new collection of intensely indulgent non-alcoholic beverages : The Concentrates.

Elixirs with multiple uses: from a healthy fruit shot, to sparkling long drinks, cocktails, mocktails and even as a cooking ingredient.
Available in two complementary recipes, enjoy their delicious  flavours at any time of the day, from breakfast to the cocktail bar!

Alcohol-free - Organic - No added aromas - Made in France

Our Le Yuzu 20cl concentrate and its main pure ingredient: yuzu
Showcasing Le Gingembre 75cl with a meal
Mention Alain Milliat since 1997


  • Le Gingembre
  • Le Yuzu
Le Gingembre beige graphic image

Le Gingembre

Aromatic profile
Powerful & Warm

A powerful recipe thanks to "aged" Madagascar ginger, enhanced by the invigorating, smoky heat of Piri Piri chillies and softened by a Verbena infusion, all with a hint of Sicilian lime juice.

11,90€ 59,50 €/L



Graphic image Le Yuzu beige

Le Yuzu

Aromatic profile
Bitter & Fresh

A recipe with the fresh bitterness of high-altitude Japanese Yuzu, enhanced by an Infusion of Gentian and an Infusion of Bergamot in Sicilian Lemon juice.

13,90€ 69,50 €/L



Our commitments

Our commitments


A meticulous selection of unique ingredients and always the choice of a precise variety and origin.

The choice of "aged" ginger from eastern Madagascar for its unique power.

The subtle acidity of yuzu coming from mountains of Kyushu in Japan.

Aromatic profile
Intensity and balance

A precise work on aromatic balance and taste to express the personality of each ingredient in the Concentrate.

Ginger is combined with the spiciness of Piri Piri chillies, the acidity of lime and the freshness of verbena.

Yuzu is enhanced by the bitterness of gentian and the woody notes of bergamot.


Two recipes made in France in our Drôme workshop.

A natural and organic collection: the power of fruit with no additives or aromas.

Our fruit coming from outside France is shipped exclusively by boat, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Festive dining with our Le Yuzu concentrate
Spotlight on Le Gingembre 20cl and its perfect dosage

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Spotlight on Le Yuzu 20cl and its perfect serve
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Grandson and son of farmers, and a farmer himself, Alain Milliat took over the family farm in Orliénas, near Lyon, in 1983. For 15 years, he restored and installed new plots of land, caring for them like a real garden. Considering his aesthetic universe a little restricted, he then imagined another horizon beyond his orchards.

Alain Milliat's Yuzu and Ginger Concentrates.
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